Dear Friends, 


Unfortunately we have announce that sesile dating service has closed down and the domain is currently for sale. We hope that somebody will acquire it soon and will take care of it so that you could continue your correspondence.


The reason for closing down are the continuous new policies of the European Union aiming at crushing down the small business with newer and newer fees/taxes/unneeded ridiculous paper work. This has made it impossible for many small business to thrive. It is part of the overall plan of concentrating the control of everything in the hands of few big owners and increasing the gap between the rich and the poor (thus giving less personal freedom to the general masses because of course the majority will be the poor). Whoever exactly will own the online dating business is not really of big importance, however the fact that access to all information is being monopolised and managed by few behind the scenes should concern you and we urge you actively vote for the individuals who have been trying to oppose this gradual theft of our personal freedom. Just few random examples of such people are David Cobum and Stuard Agnew form the European Parliament and Ron Paul from USA. People, please do not be distracted by the ideas/labels various parties - the system of parties was created to obscure the people who actually stand behind and because the parties are organisations  that means they are easy to infiltrate with bribe and then people vote for a concept but the hidden entities pull the strings not even in favour of what the voters support. That is why in these difficult for honest people times we need to get sure that the PEOPLE who have shown for years that they really oppose this monopolisation of our lives get to power - please do help them to be in power. Please do not vote for hypocrites who talk loud about personal freedom and yet have done anything practical against the monopoly of the big monopolies (the big banks club).



Refunds will be issued to those have paid for services in advance, but could not use them due to this close down. If you do not receive a refund before 5th August, please send email to and you will receive it.


If you are interested in purchasing the domain together with the database/software please send your bid at


We have been running this service for many months at lost, sorry for being unable to notify about the close down, we were simply unable to as our mail server was not functioning properly (beyond our control).