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Karina, age 49, from Sofiya, Sofiya, Bulgaria

154lbs (70kg), 5' 5" (167cm)

"It's only with the heart that one can see clearly. What's essential is invisible to the eye." I would like to be with that special one whom I love and he loves me, who knows how a woman can be treated, to respect each other, without any judging, accepting each other as just as what we are and for what we are. Romantic, someone who can make my heart sing. I love music, travelling, visiting new places, meeting new people and having the possibility to touch new cultures, the Mother Nature. Love swimming, I love sea, like dancing, having fun and to enjoy the life. I am happy when I can make the people I am meeting with in my day life to have a smile on their faces, to feel happy, to touch their heart. I devoted myself to try to help people to start loving themselves and to find the way to their hearts. What am I looking for? It is not the other part of me as because I am hole and I know myself. I am not half so to look for an other part to fill up the puzzel. I am looking for the other Universe with wich we could live in a harmony, balance, peace and Love together.

I know some Russian, fluent English, fluent Bulgarian.

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