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Veselina, age 31, from , , Bulgaria

119lbs (54kg), 5' 4" (164cm)

I love strong... and I believe this is the only way to live a full life, even when my feelings are hurt! I treat everybody as I want them to treat me! I take responsibility for everything in my life! And I take advantage of the difficult situations. I demand the highest quality and I'm ready to pay for it! I'm brave, even when I am not I pretent.. so no one will know the difference .. I used to do good things for people who never learn about it! I do not forget the big things in life, but also I do not give up from the small! I've learned to listen, because sometimes the chance knocks very softly on the door. I never deprive people of hope because I felt pain and I know this may be all they have. I never give up on what I really want to do! I am a person who has big dreams, so sometimes I'm more powerful from the people who have the necessary competence. I give people a second chance, but NEVER THIRD !! I learned to recognize the insignificant and ignore it. I want people to know what I'm - and what NOT! I give the best of yourself. This is a good investment! I choose always the higher goals. I do not waste time feeling sorry for past.. even the opposite.. I took my lesson and move on !!! During these 25 years of my life I learned how to lose with dignity.I never wanted to be a specialist in small things .. I'm ready to lose the battle to win the war! I am afraid of life without ambition. I do not burn my bridges because I found that I have to swim through the same river many times .. I know that pain and disappointment are part of my life .. I take problems as an opportunity for growth. I do not expect life to be fair. I do not underestimate the power of love .. I learned that if I wait for all conditions to become perfect in order to do something .. I WILL NEVER DO IT!

I know fluent English, fluent Bulgarian.

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