Terms and conditions
Despite the rigid anti-scam control and the fact that dozens of profiles of both men and women are rejected every day, still there is a very slim chance that there are profiles created by insincere people with illegal or fraudulent intentions. www.SESILE.COM is not responsible for the consequences of interacting with such people - you should not rely on our filtering only but rather on our anti-scam info about how to avoid such frustrating experiences using your own common sence and intelligence.

Profiles that contain doubtful info, duplicate profiles or profiles created for any othr purpose besides finding a partner for romance and marriage are deleted without any warning and often placed the scammers gallery on display. Very often profiles will be removed even of they are only suspected to be fraudulent and there are no clear facts confirming that. Such profiles may be deleted, but will not placed not he scammers gallery. Profiles of paid members may get deleted only after a detailed investigation and confirmed facts of fraud - such profiles will never be deleted on the grounds of unconfirmed doubts.

Refunds are issued only upon the very unlikely event that sesile.com fails to provide the services the way they are described on our "upgarde" page for a longer period of time. Refunds are NOT issued on the following grounds:

- temporary technical problems preventing from using the services

- failure to understand that you have created a recurrent subscription, followed by failure to read or understand our clear instructions on how to cancel it

- software bugs or imperfections in our user interface: Our user interface is offered exactly as it is, with no guarantee whatsoever for lack of bugs of any sort

- the fact that certain lady is not interested in you although you are interested in her (indeed if the lady of your choice is 30 younger than you the chance is 99.99% that she will be not interested no matter if you are paid member or not)

Sesile.com may have 3rd party links on its pages, links to other web sites, but is not at all responsible for any type of problems encountered during using those web sites.

These terms and conditions may change at any time without any prior notification.